What Is Legal Aid and How Do You Know If You Qualify?

What do you do if you have suffered an injury at work, on the road or in a public place? There has to be somewhere to turn for advice? There is and it doesn’t have to cost you anything either.

Legal Aid QLD are an independent organization offering legal advice and support to those in need and otherwise may not be able to afford it. Legal help is available to anyone regardless of their financial situation.

Workers have rights to worker injury compensation. By calling Work Injury Compensation you can get the free legal advice you need. Legal aide is available when you need it and everyone needs to be aware of their legal rights to compensation. If you require a lawyer, it doesn’t matter if you think you can’t afford one as you may still be able to appoint a lawyer to represent you. First, get the legal advice you need and have your case assessed at no cost to you, then you can speak to a legal aid lawyer who may take your case on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. This means it won’t cost you anything to make a claim for compensation.

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